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Black Dragon Software was a player in the security space, founded in the fall of 2003 as a spinoff of Carmichael Security, LLC. Their flagship product, proVisor, did quite well for itself thanks to the hard work of many well respected and bright individuals. Black Dragon's forray into the SRM (Security Risk Management/Measurement) was different than what many others of the day had chosen. Black Dragon's metric was time, and the security of an asset was judged by the time it would take to defeat a particular security aspect. All assests were judged by how they protected their A's -- Authentication, Authorization, Availability, Accuracy, and Audit, and the time to defeat (TTD) was the resulting metric.

On Friday, December 31st 2004 as its employees were preparing for the New Years festivities, an email was sent informing everyone that, effective immediately, their employment was terminated. Calls, emails, and official requests for information from the company and its owners were ignored. The very people that worked to bring the company its success were subsequently screwed out of their previous two weeks of pay, outstanding expenses, vacation and sick time, and the courtesy of a heads up.

Update, 07/24/2008!: I am not sure how this slipped by the ever-watchful former BDS employees, but it looks like our friend David Smith (possibly a.k.a David Lipps) is now in trouble with the feds for consipring to make and sell questionable tax shelters. You can run, but you can not hide.

Update, 10/02/2008: Wanted for "massive tax fraud", according to The Province, is David L. Smith!

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